Delete Your Data

First, you’ll submit a form and verify your identity. Next, we’ll delete the information we have on you if we’re able to find any.

What kind of information do you have about me?

We have data generated by our products and services to you, such as, and our mobile apps. And we have information you’ve given us, like your email address. We also may have advertising preferences we use to help make the ads you see more relevant, such as “football fan.” Read more in our privacy policy.

Why do you have this information?

Your information helps us create better, more personalized products and services. For example, we use your information to optimize your gaming experience and personalize content recommendations. It also helps us customize offers tailored to your interests, such as information about an upcoming movie or programming that you may love. Sometimes we work with third parties to provide these offerings.

How do I submit a Delete request?

You may delete your personal information here.

When you submit a delete request, you are requesting your information be deleted from the following:

The CW
CW Seed
The CW Support Center
The CW Screening Room
The CW Plus
The CW Broadcast Alert
The CW Affiliate Portal

Please note that not all personal information will be deleted.  We need to keep certain information for important business functions, including the following data.

What data is not deleted?

We do not delete data we use to:

  • Complete a transaction, provide a good or service, perform a contract, or that is otherwise tied to our business relationship with you (e.g., account subscriptions; gameplay data; purchase or transaction histories; customer service records; information used to drive content recommendations, etc.).
  • Detect and prevent security incidents, deception, and fraud and to prosecute crimes (e.g., log files).
  • Debug to identify and repair errors that impair functionality of products or services (e.g., network information; error diagnostics).
  • Exercise and protect free speech or other legal rights (e.g., videos on our news services).
  • Respond to requests for information from law enforcement under certain laws or comply with other legal obligations (e.g., response to subpoenas; consent records and consumer rights requests).
  • Engage in certain public or peer-reviewed scientific, historical, or statistical research in the public interest (e.g., research reports).
  • Enable internal uses that are reasonably aligned with consumer expectations or the purpose for which the data was collected (e.g., data for internal analytics and research, certain first party marketing activities in connection with an active subscriber or account).

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Notice: Requests made from this site currently available to California residents only.

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